Today ‘Dark Waters’ hits the cinemas. This film is so incredibly important to me and my brand Ondine as it addresses and exposes the story behind Teflon & the use of deadly chemicals for decades to create every day products in our homes such as frying pans. The film follows a lawyer who fights to uncover the dark secret hidden by one of the world’s largest corporations and to bring justice to a community dangerously exposed for decades to the chemicals.⁠

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When starting Ondine, as a health coach and passionate food lover, I was really looking to be able to cook amazing food without ruining the food with chemicals transferred from everyday cookware. I wanted high quality, beautiful cookware that wasn’t harmful to health, and there wasn’t anything out there. The Ondine range is made from the highest grade 316Ti titanium & non-toxic. Non-toxic cookware means nasty chemicals don’t leach into your meals, resulting in food that is pure in taste and nutrients.

If you go and see the movie please let me know what you think! Hopefully you’ll understand why non-toxicity is so important to me.


Founder of Ondine Cuisine 

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Dark Waters