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Discover what makes Ondine unique. Hand crafted, elegant non toxic cookware for a pure cooking experience.

the ondine story

Established in 2018 after over 5 years of research and development, Ondine has become the go-to name for cookware design which is both beautiful and non toxic.

Founded by Marie Guerlain, a qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner, home chef, campaigner and public speaker, Ondine was inspired by her thoughtful approach to holistic wellbeing. Her goal was to develop cookware which was non toxic and would not only protect the flavours and nutrients in food but be beautifully designed and suitable for the kind of sharing meals she cooked and enjoyed.

Marie Guerlain

Marie Guerlain created Ondine as a source of knowledge on wellbeing, living more healthily and removing toxicity from our homes.

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Each pan in the Platine collection has been expertly designed and meticulously crafted for the full range of cooking requirements, from daily meals to large family gatherings.

Ondine Cookware

what makes ondine unique?

What makes Ondine cookware unique? 

As well as the exceptional functionality of the pans, which heat evenly and cook food perfectly, this cookware collection has been designed to be truly beautiful, something elegant and timeless that will take pride of place in your kitchen and at your table.

These standards of form and function, combined with the purity of a non toxic cooking experience in 316ti titanium grade stainless steel, make Ondine cookware truly unique.