Non toxic cookware

Discover what makes Ondine unique. Hand crafted, elegant non toxic cookware for a pure cooking experience.

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Ondine’s founder Marie began her career as an artist but, after having children, struggled to find cookware that was both non-toxic and aesthetically pleasing. She felt that her cookware wasn’t giving her everything she needed, especially in regards to health, and that there was a gap in the market which she could fill.

Ondine’s Platine collection uses 316ti titanium grade stainless steel, currently the very best cookware material available. This grade of titanium is  often used to make sterile surgical instruments because it’s considered a “biocompatible” metal, meaning it won’t react adversely with the human body.

No chemicals or treatments are used, ensuring the nutritional balance and taste are protected. Ondine’s non-stick cookware is created without harmful coatings and is pfas free.

Growing up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of their home, Marie remains committed to finding sustainable, non-toxic alternatives for our kitchens. Beginning with her cookware and extending to the ingredients she cooks, oils she uses for cooking and cleaning and storage solutions, she’s passionate about sharing this knowledge.

Ondine non toxic cookware

“We are bombarded by toxins every day, if it’s not the food we eat it’s the air we breathe. It’s everywhere, even in our homes, and it’s become chronic. Why are 1 in 2 people in this decade being diagnosed with serious illnesses? Our unhealthy lifestyles are sadly to blame. The good news is there are many things one can do to limit our exposure to toxins and there are fantastic ways of cleansing the body and applying chemical-free habits to our daily life. It’s simple to create a safe environment to enhance your family’s health when you are given healthy alternatives..”