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Highest Grade Non-Toxic
316Ti Titanium

Innovative Design &

Very proud to be working as an ambassador for Ondine. Great cookery starts with first in class ingredients and is transformed by having the right tools. These pans are exceptional and are used at Trinity restaurant.

Adam Byatt, Michelin Star Chef owner of Trinity Restaurant - London

Thank you Ondine! As truly passionate about cooking we fell in love with this cookware line!
High-tech, elegant and yet functional, a real pleasure to use on a daily base, the ultimate self indulgent luxury. 
Not only the ideal thickness truly helps avoiding unnecessary fats during the cooking process, but the shape looks beautiful on every table, even a festive one.

Gaia and Olivier - Customers from London

Healthy & Non-Toxic

"It is counter-productive to cook thoughtful, organic meals in badly made and toxic cookware. This is why I spent time learning about the finest materials for cookware production and selected the highest grade 316ti Titanium which protects both the taste and the nutrients in your food."

Marie Ondine Guerlain, founder

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