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Crafted for beauty & durability
An heirloom with a Lifetime Guarantee. 

Ergonomically designed and balanced, with state-of-the-art construction to enhance both your cooking and your enjoyment.

Our Cookware

Limited signed edition

  • Platine Small Saucepan 14cm


  • Platine Medium Saucepan 18cm


  • Platine Skillet 24cm


  • Platine Casserole Pan 28cm


  • Platine Saute Pan 24cm


  • Platine Oval Roasting Pan 34cm


  • Platine Stock Pot 22cm


  • Platine Set


Ondine was five years in the making – we sought the finest materials and the very best craftsmanship to create beautiful, durable and timeless cookware for a lifetime of enjoyment, preparing and sharing food with friends and family.

Marie Ondine Guerlain, founder

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