Own the entire 7-piece Ondine Platine Collection, beautifully hand crafted in Italy. A cookware collection to use, treasure and to pass on to future generations or give as the ultimate wedding gift. No matter who the lucky recipient of such an exquisite collection is, this will be the only cookware you’ll ever need. Discover a collection of luxury pans which are loved by our professional chef ambassadors.

The collection includes the Small Saucepan 14cm (1.4 litres), Medium Saucepan 18cm (3 litres), Skillet 24cm (2,7 litres), Casserole Pan 28cm (4 litres), Sauté Pan 24cm (4 litres), Oval Roasting Pan 34cm (3,5 litres) and the Stock Pot 22cm (7,6 litres). All except for the Skillet come with lid.

WEIGHT: 20.0 kg

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Mac And Cheese

Mac & Cheese

INGREDIENTS Serves 6 people 6 large sweet potatoes 4 cups of chopped kale 100g of fresh feta cheese 1 cup chopped basil and chives Extra