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Highest Grade
Non-Toxic 316TI

Innovative Design
& Craftsmanship

When my first child was born I was spending a lot of time in my kitchen cooking nutritious meals. But I struggled to find cookware that was both non-toxic and aesthetically pleasing. The inspiration for Ondine came from this realisation. Our cookware is designed to go straight from oven to table: made using the very best materials for healthy non-toxic cooking, but also meticulously crafted as beautiful objects you can be proud to own.

Marie Ondine Guerlain, founder

Healthy & Non-Toxic

"It is counter-productive to cook thoughtful, organic meals in badly made and toxic cookware. This is why I spent time learning about the finest materials for cookware production and selected the highest grade 316ti Titanium which protects both the taste and the nutrients in your food."

Marie Ondine Guerlain, founder

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