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A Lifetime Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed against defects in material, construction and craftsmanship. Any after sale product defect queries will be examined by our manufacturers, and any defects deemed compliant within our warranty will be repaired or replaced without charge. This does not include damages caused by accidents, or from misuse of the cookware. All Ondine products are original designs and Trade Mark and Copyright protected.

Constructed For Function That Excels

Each pan is constructed in layers, ensuring excellent heat conduction performance from base to rim and preventing hot-spots. When used on medium and low heat Ondine cookware reaches optimum performance. It is the ideal surface for healthier cooking, requiring very little oil or fat. Close-fitting lids make the pans suitable for ‘reduced-water’ cooking, which helps to retain vitamins and nutrients when cooking vegetables and fruits.

Cleaning And Protecting Your Cookware

Owing to the craftsmanship of the polish of external surfaces, and hand-crafted solid brass detailing, Ondine cookware is dishwasher safe but is not recommended. We have compiled a few simple and useful tips on cleaning below. As a general guide you can protect your cookware by not having it boil dry, or over-heated unnecessarily.

Before First Use

When your pans arrive and prior to cooking your first dish, please remove all packaging and labels, wash each pan in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. We recommend conditioning the surface before using for the first time. Rub a film of vegetable or corn oil over the entire cooking surface using kitchen paper towel. Rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly. The pan is now ready for use. Occasional re-conditioning after this will help to protect the surface and promote longer life.

Cooking Tools

To protect the cookware whilst cooking we recommend using silicone, heat-resistant plastic or wooden tools. Metal tools, spoons or whisks should be used with care, and not be scraped over the surface. Knives or utensils with sharp edges should never be used to cut foods on the surface of the pan. Hand-held electric or battery operated beaters or blenders should not be used directly inside the pan.


The solid brass handles can be polished up with a good brass polish product. As the brass is hand-finished and of high quality, the colour can change after initial washes. This is a sign of each pan’s unique qualities and should not be considered a quality fault. The brass knob on the lid can be unscrewed apart, as is the logo disc on the top of the knob, for easy polishing.

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